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Welcome to RE:Charge, a young Startup from Germany paving the way to the future of e-mobility. We are a team of like-minded and highly motivated individuals, all sharing a vision for success.

We believe that our sophisticated technology has the potential to become a sustainable solution for electromobility. Together we develop autonomous and mobile charging solutions in the field of e-mobility. Thus RE:Charge solves one of the biggest challenges of the mobility turnaround, the lack of available charging points.

About Us

RE:Charge is a young startup from the Ruhr area in Germany, founded by a group of friends from the University Duisburg-Essen and the University Bochum in 2018. The vision of RE:Charge is to develop sustainable, future-oriented and intelligent energy supply solutions for electric vehicles in the B2B and B2C sector. Due to the increasing climate change in recent years, we are sure that there will be a turnaround in mobility.

The energy supply must change from fossil fuels to renewable energies.


A major problem here is currently the existing infrastructure. There are too few charging stations for the number of electric vehicles and this gap will widen further in the coming years. This is where our idea comes in. We develop autonomous, flexible charging stations for electric vehicles of all kinds and want to bring them together with you on the road, in anchor centers, on factory premises and at airports.

Our Innovative Technology

Autonomously moving robots with high-performance batteries

We develop flexible and decentralized charging points in the field of electric mobility. Thus RE:charge solves one of the biggest challenges of the mobility turnaround, the lack of available charging points. Our solutions will soon become one of the biggest segments in the industry.

Our solution combines two essential aspects:


1. We are currently developing an autonomous moving robot, which will be equipped with high performance batteries in a modular way.

2. Via Track and Trace the user can order our RE:Charge modul via any device to his location. There he can connect it to his electric car and charge his vehicle. The RE:Charge modul then directly drives to the next customer.

In the long term, our RE:Charge moduls are to be used in all urban living spaces and charge all electric vehicles, no matter when and where. In the medium term they are to be placed on factory premises, in multi-storey car parks, at ports and airports to charge the electric vehicles there. Together with the Port of Duisburg, we want to build a prototype by mid-2019 to achieve a proof of concept.

Autonomous moving
last-mile robot as a means of transport for battery systems

Integration of a powerful lithium-ion battery system

Mobile, decentralized energy supply of electric vehicles in the B2B and B2C sector



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The RE:Charge Team

Who is Who

Felix Behrenbeck

Co-Founder & Business Development

Co-Founder & Logistics

Stefan Alscher

Co-Founder & Marketing

Manuel Müller

Our Partners
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Duisport AG

(Duisburger Hafen AG)


Future Champions Accelerator


Awarded with

NRW Founder's


"Most innovative idea"  Startup Sprint 11/2018

1st price idea competition e-mobility 2018

1st price Startup
Award 2019

"Let's face it, there really is no Planet B"

Jennifer Nini



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